14 April 2011

In My Wardrobe : Waistcoat Collection

On the weekend, I began to clear out my wardrobe in preparation for my upcoming move and realised just how many waistcoats I have in my possession. I have in total, four long-line waistcoats all varying in fabric (including leather, crochet, suede and cotton) and three cropped waistcoats; one waterfall front, an open knit with pearl detailing and a leather hooded bomber. I love that you can throw one of them on and it instantly updates your wardrobe in which you can either juxtapose a girly, flowy dress with the cropped leather bomber or go for a more whimsical approach with either the crochet long-line or the open knit with pearl detailing, depending on my mood. I was so close to throwing out my black waistcoat (pictured far right) until I came across a picture of MK Olsen wearing something really similar and fell in love. So, I’ve decided to do little DIY (which is something that I rarely do). I love that her blazer has the extra black fabric detailing that flows from the bottom, it’s such a simple and easy solution that will bring my waistcoat back from the dead. 

Photos taken by Jessica Rabbit 
Sourced : Olsens Anonymous 

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