11 April 2011

In My Wardrobe : Thrifted Treasures

As promised, I’ve finally gotten around to taking some snaps of my thrifted purchases from my weekend away in Newquay. One of the main things I love about travelling is finding hidden vintage or charity stores and Newquay definitely did not disappoint. I think I went into about six stores in total and found some incredibly amazing items all for 14 quid, including a long-line leather waistcoat – which I’ll add to my collection of other long-line waistcoats and two blouses, a coral and vanilla (which, if you follow me on twitter, I wore this week).  My boyfriend also found a hexagonal-shaped patent black bag that I’ll wear as a clutch bag on a night out. Newquay is definitely an untapped source when it comes to charity stores where finding hidden gems are not that hard at all.  

All photos belong to Jessica Rabbit

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