28 April 2011

Ode to London

My first night in Marrakesh and I’m sitting in my Riad knowing I should really be exploring all the treats that make this city so great; the Souqs, being entertained by the local snake charmers, the Spice Market, all-you-can-eat couscous and tagine, getting henna tattoos and just generally emerging myself in the labyrinth that is Marrakesh. However, all this can wait until tomorrow, tonight I’m reminiscing about my two years that I’ve spent in London. There are so many things that I will miss about the city; watching how the vibe changes from winter to summer and suddenly feeling it for yourself, the buzz, the park on a warm summer’s day, meeting people, who without you realising soon become life-long friends, pear cider, dress-up house parties, Brick Lane, cheap Vietnamese dinner and the sense that, no matter how lonely it gets in London, we’re all there for one another when it really counts. Of course, not every single moment has been a joyous one, I’ve definitely felt some of my lowest days living in London however, it’s those lows that make you truly appreciate all the highs that will inevitability come, and trust me, if you stick with it and really work at it, those highs are what keeps you going though those long winter months. I feel that I will always look back at my time spent in London and remember it with such fondness that it almost feels “ok” to be leaving, as I know that I will always want to someday return. And as my mum has said “you always want to leave a party while you’re still having fun.”  I am a firm believer of “what will be, will be” so, I’m now closing the London door and waiting eagerly for a new window to open.

PS. There are WAY more photos to come, the internet connection in the riad isn't that great! x

My Birthday at Rosa's
Mexican House Party
Vintage Store and Coffee Shop on Brick Lane
Apres Ski Party
New Years Eve
First Summer BBQ of 2011
Tropicana Beach Luau

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