28 June 2011


Rome is one of my favourite cities in the world – so much so that it has been my second visit in as many years. I love Rome for it’s richness in history, it’s passion and it’s romance. Even though last year I went to all the historical sites with my mum, I felt that once was not enough. I ended up seeing all the major sites in just one day (walking – mind you) and sparing enough time to look up some of Rome’s finest vintage stores, which I will be posting shortly.  

27 June 2011

Monday Inspiration

Elle Italia June 2011
Flavia Oliveira by Marcelo Krasilcic
Styled by Eva Geraldine Fontanelli

24 June 2011

Cinque Terre

To celebrate my birthday a few weekends ago, the boyf and I left Spain for Italy and we headed straight to Riomaggiore, the start (or end) of the Cinque Terre. I have wanted to walk the Cinque Terre from when I was in Pisa last which was about two years ago, when I first heard about the incredible view. And it is one incredible view! We based ourselves in Riomaggiore but caught the train to Monterosso where we began the trek. I’m not going to lie but the track from Monterosso to Vernazza is probably the most challenging of them all and to make it even more challenging for myself I walked the entire thing in my black havianas as I didn’t pack any suitable shoes (although I probably wouldn’t suggest that this is the best idea unless you like stubbing your toes at regular intervals). Needless to say, the view from the top is utterly breathtaking and I would walk it one hundred times over just to see it again. And it’s not just the view that is worth the visit to the Cinque Terre it’s all the little villages in between that make it magical. In my opinion Vernazza is certainly the most picturesque of them all – but you can write your own reviews. 

21 June 2011

Celine Resort 2012

In my eyes, Celine can do no wrong. Phoebe Philo’s accessories, particularly her bags and shoes, have become the most covetable items in season’s past, and it looks as though Resort 2012 is heading down the same path. I love the slouchy cut of her menswear trousers in bold colours of electric blue and pink, all-over florals and her sheer lady-like silhouettes.

Sourced : style.com

18 June 2011

Lanvin Resort 2012

It’s Resort Collection time and I am loving Lanvin’s softly draped dresses, fringing and jumpsuits. And the children’s wear is just so adorable.

Sourced : style.com
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