7 April 2011

Newquay, Cornwall

Last weekend I made the great escape out of London and headed straight to the rolling hills and sandy beaches of Newquay. Having fully equipped myself with travel necessities including the latest copy of Elle Magazine, my book that I’m reading – The Beach by Alex Garland and a homemade Spinach and Feta Filo Pie, I then proceeded to get as comfortable as I could for the 7 hour bus journey that lay ahead (yes, that’s right, 7.hour.bus.ride). I don’t know if you’ve been to Newquay before, but it is such a beautiful seaside town with a laid back charm and an incredible view of the towering cliffs and what feels like an endless sweep of beaches. While it’s not exactly bikini weather, I did whip the old tights off and dipped a baby toe into the Atlantic, however, I generally spent most of my time checking out the local thrift stores (I’ll be posting my purchases soon) and sampling some of the local cuisine including Cornish pasties and pancakes with bacon (yum!). Also, Newquay was a great chance to catch up and spend some quality time with my lovely friends before I embark on my big adventure (more details soon – stay tuned).

PS If you’re ever in Newquay, you must go to Café Irie. It’s a cute, little hippy café with the most incredible breakfast and equally amazing milkshakes – the peanut butter and banana shake was definitely a hit. 

I forgot to mention, Newquay is also the town in which the movie, The Witches was filmed (I’ve not actually seen it though – tut tut)

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