23 March 2011

Hola Guapa. Madrid

I’m now back from Madrid with a little tan and a massive hangover, but wow, it was worth it. From the apartment we stayed in, to the group that I went with, this holiday was exactly what I needed. I fully embraced the culture by eating tapas and paella in the glorious sunshine, drinking sangria and red wine in picture perfect plazas, gave in to my inner tourist and visited the Reina Sofia gallery to see surrealismo and realismo exhibitions and just basically lost myself in the lifestyle of Spain.  I also had the pleasure of watching a flamenco show which was an incredible experience to say the least – there’s was definitely no shortage of passion or intensity. All in all, I had such a lovely and relaxing time and I would definitely go back to Madrid, the only thing that I felt that was lacking was a beach!

The Palace Apartment 
Reina Sofia
Plaza Mayor
Flamenco Dancing
All photos taken by Jessica Rabbit

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  1. It was great to meet you last night at the easyJet party! I hope you had a good time! As I mentioned, my blog is http://www.aladyinlondon.com/. Hope to see you again sometime soon!


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