9 May 2011

Seville, May 2011

Seville is a gorgeously romantic city. The unruly nature of the winding streets are incredibly enchanting, where one can easily become disorientated, which is certainly encouraged. Spanish tradition and culture, exudes from every nook and cranny making Seville an amazing place to visit. Even though it was pouring down with rain, we managed to make the best of each day, from the many wonderfully decorative plazas, to La Maestranza which is a stadium where the bullfighting takes place each night from the end of Semana Santa (Easter) to the end of the Feria de Abril festival.

The pièce de résistance of Seville is obviously it’s Cathedral, one of the largest of all medieval and gothic cathedrals, both in area and volume. The adjoining Alcazar (or Castle) is also a must see and from my observation, it serves as a backdrop to many Sevillanos wedding photographs.

The food in Seville is incredible, eating tapas (standing at the bar, mind you) and drinking tinto (red) wine is more of a past-time then a necessity. Food is there to be shared and enjoyed with your loved ones, which is a stark contrast to the last two years of living in London where you see everyone eating pre-made sandwiches on the run.

El Patio

Tower of Gold
All photos taken by Jessica Rabbit

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