29 May 2011

Costa Brava, Spain

I’m back from my long weekend in the Costa Brava (literally meaning the “wild coast”), which, I must say, was incredible. The coastline is absolutely stunning and the best part is, while parts have lent themselves to tourist developments, others have retained a more traditional look and have become hidden gems for those who are searching for a little peace and tranquillity. As much of the Costa Brava is unattainable by public transport you will need to hire a car, which is what we did. First stop was Girona, which is a perfect day trip from Barcelona – approximately a two-hour train journey. Here the main drawcard is the ancient cathedral however, the narrow streets and the many gelaterias all add to the city’s charm.

Next port of call was Cadaqués, close to the French border and at the foothills of the Pyrenees. Formally a fishing village, Cadaqués offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle. From the serene ocean blues and greens to the incredible sunsets and sea breezes, Cadaqués is like no other place on earth, and once you discover it, it will have you returning again and again. The artist Salvador Dali once said "I have spent a delightful summer, as always, in the perfect and dreamy town of Cadaqués. There, alongside the Latin sea, I have been quenched by light and colour".

Just around the corner is Port Lligat, a small, quirky little town in which its main claim to fame is that it houses Dali's former home which has now been converted into the Casa-Museo Salvador Dali. I don’t know if I’ve divulged this about myself yet, but I’m a major Dali fan. Last time I was in Barcelona I made the day trip to Figueres to go to the Dali Museum.

Probably the highlight of the Costa Brava for me was Cap de Creus, a headland located at the most eastern point of Spain. The landscape is magical - incredibly windbeaten, rocky and dry with almost no trees in site. By contrast the water that surrounds the peninsula has the clearest water in deep blue hues. 

Photos taken by Jessica Rabbit

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