16 July 2011

Hvar, Croatia

It’s been over a week since my last blog post and a lot has changed. The biggest change being that I am now, no longer living in London (cue post-breakup emotions). I’m back on home soil in Australia and to be honest, it feels, well, different but in the same breath, it feels all so familiar that I’m quite “ok” with being back (for now!). I definitely feel as though my travel bug hasn’t subsided, more that due to my massive jetlag that comes with a 20 hour flight, I’m happy to be back on the ground.

The question that I’ve been asked the most since I’ve been back is “what has been your most favourite holiday destination in the past 10 weeks?” and at the very top of that list is Croatia. My last post was all about Dubrovnik but we also ventured to one of the many islands of Croatia, Hvar, which is most popularly known as one of “the party islands.” The other party island, to my knowledge is Pag. Hvar is about 9 hours on the ferry from Dubrovnik and about 2 hours from Split and is just incredible. In my opinion, Hvar is the new Ibiza; great nightlife, perfect weather and I thought that the water in Dubrovnik was clear but in Hvar it is even more pristine. Hvar is honestly such a great escape, even if you like the party or not, it has something for everyone.  

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