31 January 2011

Jil & Raf

It’s not unusual for a collection to send me into a dizzying frenzy – and I mean, heart-racing, sweaty palms frenzy. But Jil Sander’s Spring Ready to Wear collection – which is quite possibly the collection of the season, has sent me to new heights. As I sit here in my very wintery London abode, I have to physically stop myself from ditching all the black, grey & caramel hues that are currently taking over my wardrobe, and dive head first into some hyper-modern fluorescent.

Having lived in Raf Simons minimalistic heaven for the past several seasons, I (along with most fashion junkies) have been going Lady Gaga over the daringly overblown shapes in a palette of tangerine and fairy floss pink. I’m absolutely captivated by the simplicity of the T-shirt-and-ball-gown combo and major skirts teamed with minor shirts. I for one definitely cannot wait to sink my teeth into this revolutionary techno-couture. 

Sourced: style.com & Mademoiselle Zvirik

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